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     Andrea Bowes is a licensed Psychotherapist, accomplished Iconographer and lifelong practitioner of spiritual arts. Earlier life experiences have included owning a natural foods restaurant, catching babies and nurturing mothers as an assistant lay midwife and ministering as a spiritual director of a multi-faith community.   Currently, she is a psychotherapist at Therapies East Associates (TEA) in downtown Milwaukee.  Therapies East is an intentional collective of psychotherapists and healers who work collaboratively with children, individuals and families of all types. For more information on TEA please go here.

Sacred Geometry
Andrea Bowes

ABOUT   Andrea Bowes

Andrea has dedicated her life to the service of others with a commitment to expand, enlighten and nurture each person's true path. Through her art, therapeutic services and lifestyle practices, she looks forward to participating in the growth and  healing  of each person she comes in contact with.

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