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Sacred Process

Sacred Geometry
Andrea Bowes MS, LPC
414-278-7980 ext. 105

  Holistic psychotherapy is at the core a sacred process.  In therapy one hopes for relief from emotional pain, or from  the myriad of symptoms that drive people to seek  psychological help. But in a deeper sense, it is often the task of coming to understand and make peace with one’s present life in the context of one’s past. It is a holy task in the deepest sense of the word with integration of body, mind and spirit being the implicit goal. 


   The process of therapy can be at its most essential level a process of forgiveness, not only for people and situations in our lives, but most essentially for forgiveness of ourselves.  As the  therapeutic alliance  between client and therapist  grows it  becomes a safe container in which to explore shadow parts that can be hidden under shame or denial. Within this relationship of mutual respect a sense of  trust and compassion grows - between therapist and client, but more importantly between the person and their deeper Self.  It is a privilege to participate in a person’s life in this way and the sacred connection that can be formed brings blessings and meaning to both individuals. 


  With over 30 years in the study of spirituality and comparative religion I bring expertise in spiritual discernment and deeply compassionate attention to life’s challenges. My approach to therapy is interactive, dynamic and empowering, relying on strong intuitive and empathetic skills to help individuals, couples and families draw on internal resources to effect purposeful change.  My work combines cutting edge innovative techniques with a broad assortment of traditional approaches. And, as a certified trauma specialist, I work with both acute and complex trauma issues with the understanding that trauma truly is in the eye of the beholder.  


   It is my belief that every person is the expert in their own life and that the answers to every question lie within each person.  I see my  role as that of a spiritual midwife,  helping the individual to facilitate and support the emergence of the strength and deep wisdom that is already there.


• Life Transitions Coach

• Energy Healing

• EMDR, Trauma Work

• Dream Work and Guided Imagery

•  Child Advocacy

• Spirituality / Intuition Training

• Relationship and Family Counseling

• Cognitive Behavior Therapy

• Induced After Death Communication

Sacred Geometry

 If we could read the secret history of our enemies we should find in each person 's life sorrow and suffering to disarm all hostility.

       Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Andrea’s Credentials

• BS in Psychology, with major emphasis in Comparative Religion

• MS in Educational Psychology with clinical emphasis

• Certified Trauma Specialist since 1995

• Training in EMDR level II and Brainspotting (a warp-drive form of EMDR)

• Extensive training in hypnosis, guided imagery and active imagination

• Training in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) ie: using acupressure points to effect emotional change.

• Training in Psych-K, an innovative approach using Applied Kinesiology to identify and transform unconscious beliefs.

• Training in both Western and Eastern forms of meditation, having taught meditation and spiritual arts since 1974.

• Comprehensive training in family systems and Imago-based relationship work, which sees relationships as opportunity for great personal change.

• Training in complementary mind/body and energy therapies

• Training in multiple forms of Qi Gong (a soft martial art which directs internal energy for health, performance enhancement and longevity)

• T’ai chi, yoga and breath work.

• Certified in Eriksonian Hypnosis

• Extensive training in guided imagery and active imagination

• Training in Jungian psychology, dreamwork and shadow work.

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